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Mi Fires Kamado Cooker

Kamado is a word of Japanese origin, meaning a system of cooking in which a clay or ceramic cooker is used. In the past, they were made from mud, clay and later cement, and used natural resources as fuel, such as stones, wood or coal. Modern Kamado grills are charcoal-fuelled ceramic grills that allow for efficient heating and minimal flavour contamination. In 1970, American serviceman and entrepreneur, Ed Fisher (later to be founder of The Big Green Egg Company) decided to import Kamado grills to the west, after recalling his experience with them in Japan in the 1950s as a lieutenant in the Navy.


Product Specification

Mi Fires Kamado Cooker (The Black Egg)

Kamado cookers have been around for centuries, offering a unique way to cook food outside. You can use it all year round freeing up space in your conventional oven for those big Sunday roasts. They come in a variety of sizes. The Bigger models allow you to cater for larger groups.  There’s something about cooking in the open air over fire and smoke that turns casual gatherings into special occasions and special occasions into truly memorable events

Mi-Fire Kamado cookers are constructed from ceramics with an outer surface glaze that is extremely resistant to weathering. The durability of the Mi-Fire cooker is second to none; they do not rust and they will not crack. Mi-Fire Cooker have precise temperature control giving exceptional results with cooking temperatures from 80°C up to 350°C. All metal work is rust-resistant stainless steel.

Mi-Fire Kamado cooker allows you to prepare your food using either direct or deflected heat. You can adjust the temperature within the Egg,  giving you 8 different methods of cooking.

Slow cooking – Think of tender succulent meat or ribs.

Roast – Whole joints of meat or whole fish with crisp skin and great flavour

Bake – pop in a baking stone and pizzas, crusty sourdough, bread, cakes, and flaky pastry are delicious.

Rotisseries – Add the  powered rotisserie ring and spit roast your chicken and meats

Grill –  Turn up the heat and cook your steaks prawns and burgers. Quickly but locking in all that taste.

Smoke – Turn down the heat add some woodchip and smoke your fish.

pancook – Using a heavy duty pan, slow cook your chills, stews & paellas.



Take your cooking to the next level with a Mi-Fire Kamado Cooker


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Free-standing with wheels to help with movement around the patio or garden