Electric fires from Raven Stoves in Suffolk
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At the showroom you will find a stunning collection of Stoves, Fireplaces, Out door Heating and BBQs as unique as the building itself. Originally part of The Henry Watson Potteries that have been on this site since the early 1800’s. (although the archaeological site shows Roman Kilns too – a bit before us!). It was the old Drying Barn for the pots before they where place in the brick kilns to fire. So the heritage of heat continues.

We have 58 stoves, and counting  on display – 6 live (it gets a bit hot in here). Lots of variety and choice. We aren’t  precious so you are welcome to prod & probe our stoves, test out how they work the quality speaks for itself.

In fact we are so confident about the quality for our stoves we use them daily in our own homes.

So if you want to see a beautiful showroom  with an exclusive range of stoves, with great advice from helpful people jump in your car and come and see us. We have plenty of parking.

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Outdoor fires from Raven Stoves in Suffolk