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Camera Survey

chimney Inspection and Camera Surveys In Suffolk and Norfolk
Camera Surveys and Inspections in Diss & Bury St Edmunds. Suffolk And Norfolk

CCTV chimney Inspections – Seeing the unseen

  • Chimney Inspections for sales or purchases
  • Thatch Inspections for Building Insurance
  • Checking for damage after chimney fires
  • Checking the condition of liners
  • Inspection of chimneys prior to lining
  • Poor flue operation or suspected leak tests



By their very nature flues are hidden using a CCTV camera give us the best view possible of the condition of the inside of the chimney without opening up access holes. The camera is carefully passed through the full height of the flue. The cameras we use are compact and robust. The camera itself is miniature CCTV camera with powerful LED lights. This is mounted on a flexible cable then fed through the chimney. The camera comes has a monitor with a record option. The video can be transferred and kept as a record or can watched and reviewed on site with the you.

Prior to the survey the flue should not have been used for at least 24 hours. The area around the fireplace will need to be cleared to give the engineer space to work. They will also need access to a power point.

The area around the fireplace will be protected as best as possible to ensure all dust is kept to a minimum. Prior to the inspection the chimney will then be swept, to remove any debris or blockages.

If required we will provide a written report and our recommendations, highlighting if any remedial work is needed.  An unsealed smoke test will also be undertaken to visibly inspect for any leakages of smoke into adjacent rooms.