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Chesneys Salisbury 8kw wood stove Multifuel option in Suffolk fireplace.
Chesneys Kent Bolection Fireplace and Shoreditch stoves at showroom Norwich
Contura 856 wood stove made in Sweden on sales at showroom Near Bury St Edmunds

Sweeping and Servicing

On going maintenances of your chimney and stove is essential. No only offering you peace of mind that the chimney is clean but the stove is well maintained and efficient. This ensures that the manufactures warranties will still be in place should you need to claim on them. Many Building Insurance policies require that you carry out annual servicing and sweeping for the chimney and stove/fireplace. We will provide you a certificate of sweeping every time we sweep.

Your stoves warranty does not include internal parts such as firebricks, rope and glass. These components fall under general wear and tear but are an essential part to ensuring the efficient operation of your stove. We can offer a parts and fitting service for your stove or supply only.

Depending on the fuel you are using and how often you are using your stove, sweeping can be either every 6 to 12 months.

What do we do?…

  • Functionality test of Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • Disassembly & removal of combustion chamber components
  • Full Sweep of flue from appliance to cowl
  • Thorough clean & vacuum of appliance internals
  • Reassembly of combustion chamber components
  • Lubrication of all moving parts with HighTemperature Anti-Seize grease
  • Cleaning of door glass with specialist cleaners (if required)
  • Fire Lighting guidance
  • General Operation – Primary & Secondary controls
  • Engineers report on any condition issues observed or parts required
  • Sweep Certificate, valid for 12 months, (for appliance/flue warranty, buildings insurance & landlord legal obligations)