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Fire Surrounds

dsa 7- 5 in stone surround
Scan Dsa 7-5 wood burner in stone surround and hearth


duchess-fireplace-surround-01-350x350 Riva Studio with Marble feature wall
scan 8-2 with beam
Scan 8 – 2 with re modeled fire place & Green Oak Beam

We can offer a complete range of Fire surrounds, Wooden, Granite and Stone in a variety of styles. All natural materials.

Click on these links to have a look at examples ,  Chesney’s ,Stovax and Colin Parker Masonary

If you have something more bespoke in mind we work with a local Stonemason who will turn your idea into reality.

We also build you a fire place in the local style, complete with expose brick work & bressumner beam for the local Oak Yard.

You have the flexibility to use any of the marble or stone materials with any of the fireplace surround designs. You can choose from any of the samples at our showroom.



Fire Boxes

The main problem with open fires is that they don’t keep you that warm! The majority of heat (as much as 70%) escaping up the chimney.

But what is your heart is set on one?

We have a solution..

A Tortoise box, really. Also known as a firebox. they will make your fire at least twice as effective as an ordinary open fire, so more heat less wood.  They have been built to convect heat around the room so you dont have to sit next to it to feel the heat.

We have a  wide range of built-in open fires as well as a selection of free standing both traditional and contemporary designs – for our free standers, think ‘wood burning stove without the doors’.

arc_top-Flamewaves flame waves


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